With your help and concentration, will enable you to learn Hungarian quickly and efficiently.
For more than 70 years, Assimil has been a leader in language learning materials based on a simple, worldwide principle. We call it intuitive assimilation ; you may wish to call it natural learning. A few simple rules will help you to learn Hungarian in the same way you learned your own language.
Million of people have already learned a foreign language successfully with Assimil.
Spend half an hour every day in relaxed, well-planned learning. Without any useless gimmicks, you'll move ahead naturally until you're at ease with all the basic structures you need for communication.
Taking time every day is the best way. You'll use and become familiar with the basic words and grammar of Hungarian. No need to memorize lists of vocabulary. No rote learning. No comlicated rules. Just natural, everyday language in lively - and often humorous - situations.
The Assimil method comprises two phases :
During the passive phase (the first few weeks), you simply repeat what you hear and read. Your ability to understand grows progressively.
During the active phase, witch follows naturally, you begin to create your own sentences and imagine yourself speaking in a variety of everyday situations. In short, you begin communicating spontaneously. After approximately five months you'll have a solid base in Hungarian. But already within two months, you'll feel relaxed using the language. Our aim is simple and practical : to help you to become fluent as quickly as possible. To succeed, you need to make a small daily effort. Assimil does the rest.
The recordings in this multimedia Pack - witch have been made professionally by native speakers - are designed to pace you as you move ahead. Complete lesson and exercice texts are provided. Listen to the recordings as often as possible : they'll help you to assimilate naturally.


Hungarian with ease (könyv+ 4 kazetta)
ISBN: 2-7005-1373-8
Ár: 16016 Ft


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